About This Website

Der Inder-Finder is a web project by Horst Prillinger, who has been researching, visiting and reviewing Indian restaurants in Vienna since 2001.

The Inder-Finder does not include delivery services or takeaways, businesses seating less than four customers, and pan-Asian or other restaurants where less than half of the items on the menu are Indian or Indian-style.

The reviews and ratings on this website are subjective and based entirely on my personal preferences in regard to well-prepared food, professional service and pleasant ambience. Other visitors may have different standards and come to different conclusions.

Please note that the English version does currently not include detailed reviews. If you are interested in more details, there is usually a link to a Google translation of the German review. Also, not all restaurants have been rated simply because I still have not visited all of them, or because the first visit did not inspire me sufficiently to write a review. Old reviews are also removed.

Bear in mind that some restaurants were visited some time ago, so opening hours, prices and ratings may no longer apply. Check the "last visit" date with each entry.

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