The Heat Chart

In Vienna, it is fairly difficult to find an Indian restaurant that serves spicy food. Unless you are a regular customer or know the waiter personally, it is nearly impossible to get a hot curry, no matter what the menu says.

If you want to test your luck, order a Madras or Vindaloo curry, but the spiciness varies from restaurant to restaurant. You will not find a Chicken Phall anywhere.

The chart

This is a listing of restaurants ordered by the spiciness of a curry ordered explicitly as "very spicy". (The list does NOT reflect the average or general spiciness of the food, so you can order a mild curry even if the restaurant has received 6 chilies in this list.)

  1. painfully spicy Heilige Kuh
  2. very spicy Samrat
  3. very spicy Nam Nam
  4. very spicy Bombay
  5. very spicy Demi-Tass
  6. spicy Safran
  7. spicy Om
  8. spicy Little India
  9. spicy Jaipur Palace
  10. spicy Prosi Indian Restaurant
  11. spicy Daily Imbiss
  12. spicy Curry Leaves
  13. spicy Shalimar
  14. spicy Mach ma Curry
  15. spicy Natraj
  16. spicy Nirvana
  17. spicy Koh-i-noor
  18. spicy Satraj
  19. spicy Curry-Insel
  20. spicy Tandoor
  21. spicy Tulsi
  22. spicy Taste of India
  23. spicy Zum Moghulhof
  24. spicy Indus
  25. somewhat spicy Naadu
  26. somewhat spicy Rasoi
  27. somewhat spicy Curry n Masala
  28. somewhat spicy Mata
  29. somewhat spicy Bollyfood
  30. somewhat spicy Natraj-5
  31. somewhat spicy Restaurant am Heuberg
  32. somewhat spicy Monsoon
  33. barely spicy Rani
  34. barely spicy India Gate
  35. barely spicy Haveli
  36. barely spicy Indien Village
  37. mild Ceylon Curry
  38. mild B.K Curry
  39. mild Goa

N.B.: This listing is complete. It does not contain restaurants that I have not yet visited or in which I did not or could not order a "very spicy" dish.